Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an electrical converter or adapter?

You will need both a converter to plug your items into and an adapter to plug into the outlet.  The converter will change the voltage from 230-240 Volts, 50 HZ to 120Volts.  You can find converters and adapters at any electronics store like Radio Shack or Circuit City or department stores like Kmart, Wal-Mart or Target.

How experienced are your professional hunters?

All of our PH's are highly experienced with a combined 30 years of hunting experience and are licensed for both plains game and Big Five hunting.

Where will I be met?

You will be met at Johannesburg International Airport in the arrivals lounge by your professional hunter. From the time you land in South Africa to the time you depart, you are in our care.

Do you offer both Bow and Rifle Hunting Safaris?

Yes, some of the concessions in which we hunt are totally dedicated to bow hunting with blinds and hides set up in good vantage points. Other concessions are solely dedicated to rifle hunting.

Are the camps comfortable enough to bring along women and children?

All of the camps we use are very comfortable, even luxurious and all modern amenities are available. Ladies are welcome to relax in camp.

Can my wife and kids or others go along with me during my actual hunts?

We encourage any observer in your party to accompany you during any of your actual hunts.  In this way they will also be able to share in your special memories as they happen and they may even be able to photograph or video tape the entire event.  If they are along on the actual stalk, they must remember to walk as quietly as you and your PH and they must follow all of the PH's directions at all times.

Will My Cell Phone Work?

South Africa has a well established and sophisticated telecoms infrastructure. There are 4 mobile phone operators, utilizing the GSM system. If your mobile phone is GSM compatible, all you require is to set up international roaming with your service provider before you leave home.

Mobile phones are also available for rental at the airport on arrival.

If you have a US Cellular carrier,  you can check this Wikipedia Page to see if they support GSM technology - or simply google your devices model number.

Are there any Malaria risks?

Malaria is endemic to certain parts of South and Southern Africa. The risk of contracting malaria is however very low as long as the necessary precautions are taken. Please contact a health care professional for the most current advice before entering a malaria area.


  • Anti-malarial medication – for high risk areas at high risk times
  • Apply insect repellent between dusk and dawn on all exposed skin
  • Preferable to wear long sleeves between dusk and dawn
  • Coils and/or mosquito machines
  • Keep all doors and windows closed if not protected by screens
  • Spray insect repellent in areas that you will be sleeping in
  • Sleeping under a mosquito proof net
  • Use of a fan or air conditioner in the sleeping area

It is important to be aware that anti-malarial medication needs to be taken at least a week before entering a high risk area and continued for up to 4 weeks after leaving the area. A doctor or medical practitioner should be consulted in the case of people who might be at greater risk. Anti-malarial medication is also contraindicated and may have side effects. Please consult with your doctor or medical practitioner about the possible side effects.